Friday, December 16, 2011

Letter to My Readers

To The Readers Of My Blog:

Thank you for reading my Blog. Now that my Blog has been up and running for abouhyt six months, let me take some time to thank you and tell you how we have been doing and where we are going and why. In a country where our politicians are impotent to make a difference even in the face of social and economic problems, we (I and my readers) are going to make a difference worldwide and are well on our way.

Mistaken Comparison of Chinese Protests to Arab Spring Protests

Recent Protest(s) in China is(are) not the Same as Arab Spring Protests and Should Be Left to the Central Chinese Government to Handle

As much as the West has been taught to think of Communist governments as a form of dictatorship which does not represent the people of the country and whose governance of the people is not pursuant to the will of the people, this is not true as a rule and is not true in China today or when after the Communists defeated the Nationalists (just as Fidel Castro came to power with the will of the people).

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

School Rejects Honors Student with HIV

To the school, SHAME, SHAME, SHAME. It is not about what kind of world we can live in, but what kind of world we want to live in. It was said, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Stop the Eviction of Protesters - Occupy Wall Street, Philadelphia, and other Sites At All Costs

I have not been following the news lately.but I seem to have heard that protests at the Occupy Walls Street, Occupy Philadelphia, and Occupy other sites are being closed by the police. This is incredible!!! What happened to freedom of speech and our other rights such as the right to assembly???? Are they only good for a limited amount of time? What justification can there be for ending these protests? Such a clear violation of these fundamental and obvious rights (explicitly enshrined in the Bill of Rights to the United States Constitution) is a threat to all of our rights in every city by every branch of government. You don't have to even believe in these protests to be concerned and offended by the abrogation of the Bill of Rights. If such obvious rights can be taken away for no reason by governments, what rights are safe? Certainly not the right to carry arms, the right to counsel, or to a jury trial, and definitely not the right to be free of cruel and unusual punishment. Gone are the implicit rights such as the privacy rights which allow two consenting adults, even a man and wife, to do what they want in the privacy of their own bedroom behind locked doors in their own house. To the politicians and police who will participate in these evictions, and to the judges who will fail to grant injunctions against the police and government or who will fine or imprison the protesters, I say shame on you. You have or will have violated the very oaths by which you were given the rights and power of your office.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Use of Pepper Spray at Occupy America at USC Davis is Wrong

Here it begins. Our tolerance for true freedom of speech and for protest is quite limited in some sectors of America (perhaps in to many sectors). Not much has changed from the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago. Pepper Spray is being used in California at USC Davis on peaceful non-violent protesters. It is wrong and needs to stop!! I predict that this will happen at more and more protests, and it is a dangerous violation of our most precious right. Incredibly, the Occupy America protests, while solid in their determination, are not aberrant in their message. 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Stop the Slaughter of Wild Animals Including Deer and Horses

In Lower Merion, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania,  wild Deer are being hunted and slaughtered to "control" the animal population. Wild horses are being similarly killed and/or have been killed, in Montana. The stories go on and on. New place, same or different kind of animal.

We are sometimes told that the animals are hurting ranchers, killing motorists, etc. Occasionally, the justification is that it is for the good of the animals themselves. In Lower Merion, the Deer, after being hunted and slaughtered, are being donated to a local food bank.

WE DO NOT CARE!! Stop the slaughter of wild animals. They were, for the most part, here before we were, and if there is a conflict between our existence and their existence, we should defer. We are irrecovably changing, for the worst, the essence of our planet. Soon, only the rats will be wild. It is immoral and unnecessary. We don't need more land development. We don't need more "suburbia." There are enough "Big Box" stores surrounding McMansions in every corner of America. Enough is Enough.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Why I Included an Advertisement for an Adult Internet Service in My Banner Ads

I included a banner advertisement for an adult site for several reasons Click here to go to the site, Adultfriendfinder, for several reasons. First and foremost, consistent with my social-political views, I believe that whatever consenting adults do is their own business. I believe that strongly, whether the issue is Gay Rights, Abortion/Reproductive Rights, and/or Privacy Rights.

I am very concerned with Human Trafficking which overlaps greatly with the sex trade. Please click here to go to my post/article on human trafficking. I urge people to go to that site and read about this worldwide evil problem. The essence of the difference is "consenting adults." In this particular site, I am relatively assured that the people are "consenting adults." That said, with "morality based" groups increasing their hold on the Republican Party (and I words "Morality Based" to mean groups who seek to impose their subjective brand of morals which are a strict and non-tolerant interpretation of the Christian Bible and this anti-gay, anti-premarital sex, anti-choice and reproductive rights, and an advocacy of a wholesale intrusion into the privacy of American citizens), it is urgent that they be "headed off at the pass" and understand that the separation of church and state is paramount, and freedom or religion, privacy rights, and other rights, both express and implied in our state and federal constitutions will never again be infringed upon by the fanatical religious right.

Additionally, this particular site epitomizes, in my opinion, capitalism and "free markets" as it leaves the individual provider of the web based "services" to set their fees and the types of services they provide, which can be anything from G rated  fortune telling to X rated services of every shape and flavor. It is up to the consumer to pick which services they want, what they are willing to pay, etc. When buyer and seller are of the same mind, transactions are completed, legally, on the Internet. Like EBay (which excels in bringing buyers and sellers of hard to get goods and services for which there may be only a few suppliers or consumers in the entire nation) this service, is a perfect example of the Internet using efficiencies and a capitalistic marketplace to complete business transactions.

So that is why I decided to accept this particular advertisement, which, on the one hand, has the same free speech rights as anyone and rights which I feel compelled to defend, and on the other hand, is far less repugnant than the speech of many respected people and groups who, I believe, are destroying America with their own limited special interests which ignore the needs of the country overall and violate the existing economic and/or constitutional principles implicated (depending on the issue).